Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm still upset

Anger, like grieving, has a cycle and mostly will works it way out of me in time. i try not to live my life so that anger takes over at any time. However, this whole thing with the Philadelphia Eagles and Brian Dawkins has me quite upset.

And the more time goes on and the story unfolds, the angrier i get.

You just don't let a guy like him walk away without begging him to re-consider.

But the front office just doesn't get it - and then the lie to top things off. So yeah, great times.

i'm not a jock -though i played sports in highschool- i'm acutally quite girlie and will scream at spiders and mice and other things that are creepy, smaller than i and with lots of legs. i like pink. i love flowers. i garden, read and play the piano. i like lace. i love antiques. i wear skirts and heels and makeup.


but when i think of football and the Eagles in particular, a deep passion resides that comes with a very, very strong opinion and a loud voice. it's kinda funny, actually.

Brian Dawkins played with the same passion as the fans cheered. For so many fans of the Eagles, cheering for them has been handed down from generation to generation and that love of the team is deeply instilled in families from birth. It's something i've experienced, yet can't really explain. And Dawk got that and played and loved the game the same way that 'we' did.

And now he's gone. And the Front Office looks like a bunch of schmucks.

i love football but am not excited about the new season....thankfully we have the Flyers and Phillies to root for in the meantime!

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