Thursday, March 19, 2009

The List

So i've done three more things on my 101 things in 1001 days. That makes me very happy - cause i LOVE to check things off of a list! WHOOT!


#33 - Go through shoes and either donate or throw out.
This wasn't a very hard thing to do - as the new season is upon us and i like to wear my shoes until they really are ready for the rubbish heap. Plus it gives me a very, very good excuse to get new ones, right? Double WHOOT!

#63 - Buy flowers for myself
i've done this three times in the last two weeks. First it was daffodils, then tulips and now i have a lovely small bouquet of Gerber daisies and roses. i love fresh flowers and they are so worth the money. Plus they bring joy to all who see them. i wonder why i don't do this enough for myself? Crazy.

#91 - Become involved in my political party.
Well...i'm kind of becoming a barracuda in this area. However, i'm finding that i enjoy it and also realize that i have a lot to learn about politics and what is going on in our country's government. As i try to keep this blog as politic-free as possible, let me just say that i'm becoming very passionate about what is the right thing to do, regardless of political party. When our government chooses to do wrong (and both parties have through the years), the ones to pay the ultimate price are her citizens. So those citizens must, for their own safety, speak up when they disagree and let their voice be heard. Remember: the government works for the citizens...not the other way around.

So three things that have been very fulfilling to me to accomplish. Can't wait to tackle more...!

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