Friday, March 14, 2008

What if...

Have you ever spent a few minutes thinking 'what if' and then seeing how you'd answer?

Perhaps "what if there is no more oil, could i survive?" or "what if the price of flour is too dear to buy bread, could i make my own?  Could i learn to grind my own wheat berries?"

"What if the farmers in my area can't produce enough to supply me with locally grown food, could i grow my own?" 

These things, to me, aren't a doom and gloom philosophy but a real look at what is happening in our economy.  Can you be self-sufficient?  Can i?

Well, for me, living in the city - some of the answers to my 'What ifs' are a bit dreary and then i long for the country, living on my own land, growing alot of my food, eating meat from animals in the local area, if not my own, being very resourceful of this earth, without being a tree hugger.  i've not yet figured out how to answer all the what ifs while living where i am, currently, but i am going to try to make some changes and see how it goes. 

It's like an adventure, seeing how much you can do yourself, while still enjoying a relatively good quality of life and not turning completely 'plain.' (those from PA will understand that).

i'm not terribly good at baking bread, my mother is but i somehow missed a step in getting your loaves to turn out completely wonderful...but it's a small start..and buying the flour ground at a local mill from the wheat from local farms, instead of bread made from flour imported from Russia.  (not that i have anything against Russia and i'm sure that not only is their flour great, but exporting to the US has got to help their farmers, but i'd rather eat more local things..)

So here goes...a new adventure in the life of emmasirish.

i'll keep you posted.

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aslansman said...

hey.. its good to see you kept your old aol name.. this is aslansman.. from long ago.. if youd like to catch up.. you can find me as aslansman1956 on yahoo messenger..  please like to talk to you.. i owe you a lot