Wednesday, March 19, 2008

emmasirish vs. THE TREADMILL

So to promote a more healthier me, i've started going to the gym.  Today was Day #2. When the alarm started beeping at 4.45am, i groaned and tried to shut it off but realized that i was hitting the book on my bedside table and not the alarm.  Finally, when my brain woke a bit, i rolled (literally) out of bed, stumbled to the bathroom and then put on my workout clothes all without opening my eyes.  Thankfully i gathered all the necessary items for 'after the workout' the night before, which made my stumbling around a bit easier.

Typicially, i leave my bedroom door closed for the day, because i keep the window open and don't wish to cool down the entire rest of the house.  my cat, Moses, was snuggled at the bottom of the bed and when i said to him "ok, Mose, time to go" he protested.  Seriously.  His meow sounded like a little kid whining and i understood exactly how he felt.

It didn't help that today was cold and rainy and thus doubly hard to get out of bed and get going, but i did...made it all the way to the gym and picked THE TREADMILL that was to become my torture.

Because i'm only on Day #2 of the new me, i started out slow...only doing 45 min and not at a terribly fast past...steady, not slow, but i know i can walk faster.  After 20 min (which i believe i spent that first 20 min glaring at THE TREADMILL, my feet, other people at the gym and the TV), i sorta hit a groove and whewwee it felt good.  Go girl go!  i was walking with attitude, sweating and increasing both speed and the tilt of the treadmill. Girl, i was feeling gooood!  And for the next 25 min, though THE TREADMILL tried, i beat it and did it with great panache!

However, THE TREADMILL is a crafty devil and will get you when you least expect it.

Like when you're all finished, have showered and dressed for the day and then have to sit in the car for your almost hour commute.  Then try to stand and get out of your car. Yeah, go ahead.  i dare you. 

'Cause then it beats you big time.  All your muscles have stiffened up and gathered together to discuss the new tortureroutine you're putting them through.  i think they were having a convention and forgot that when the brain says, "Stand", that they are needed. So you try to walk and realize that you have jelly for legs.  How attractive is that?  Yeah, not so much


i will beat THE TREADMILL

Just um..not today!

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