Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life rambles

~ not again, part II.  As for the last time my car was stolen, so this time it was found.  Almost completely undamaged.  Hardly any gas used.  Only a few things stolen.  It is puzzling to me, to be sure, but i am thankful that i got it back.

~i have the flu.  i've not had it for about eight years and that fact that i can sit up today after really only one and one-half days of fever and aches is tremendous.  i hope to keep recovering and will only be too glad to see at least eight years go by without another round of the flu.

~ Even though it's been eight years i am a big baby when it comes to being sick.  i slept all day yesterday but when i was awake, i really was whiney...big baby!  sheesh

~ When one's baseline temp is normally 97.3F a fever of 102F is a whopping big deal and one's mind tends to become delirious.

~ when one is delirious one figures out how to save the economy and also some good ways that the settlers could've used to save their wagons when they went West...yes, all in the same dream/hallucination.  One also tends to think the cat is talking  - until one realizes that it was just someone outside.


1 comment: said...

Glad to hear your car was found intact but sorry to hear about your flu.
-red @the red scrapbook