Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Real Man

Not too long ago, i attended the local Expo where a Sportsman Thing-y was held (yes, thing-y is the official title...ahem..).  Let me just say: Wall to wall testosterone!  Had i known it would be like that, i would've worn the tiniest little skirt with heels and a frilly blouse and had wide eyes and said.."Did you shoot that boar/elk/deer/bear/alligator ALLL by yourself, Mr. Hunter?"  As it was, i didn't but still enjoyed the atmosphere.  It was quite alot of fun and i highly enjoyed the Birds of Prey show.

As we were leaving, i was with two of my sisters and we headed towards the outside doors.  A Man went in front of us and held the door for us.  That wasn't unexpected as we were right behind him.  However, unlike the normal, he didn't let it fall back on my outstretched hand but rather stood to the side and completely held the door open for us.  We all said 'thank you' and i really meant it.  It is unusual, in this country, for a Man to do that - most times because women 'can do it by myself' and don't care for such chivalry.  However, i fully enjoyed it and it made me a woman.  i am quite capable of doing many things 'by myself.' i am a strong woman, can carry heavy loads, can do lots...and like doing it too.  But there are times when though i can do something, it's nice to not have to do it. 

So thank you, Mr. Man, for that small gesture.  It made my day.



oh and ps.  Russell Watson's voice is WAY better than Josh Grobin...check him out.

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