Monday, January 7, 2008


The other day at my second ( or is it third) job, i inadvertanly phoned 911...twice.  Don't ask - just know i was horribly embarassed even though everyone laughed it off - including the store manager.

However, because it was a hangup - the police were sent anyway just to make sure we were ok.  i vowed to hide in the dressing room should the officer walk in the store but alas, i was front and center when he showed up.

Tall, blonde, blueeyes, windburned cheeks, dressed in his black uniform, looking  i would have swooned had i not tried to think of a way to disappear undere the counter.

He asked if we had phoned 911 and i replied that yes we had, but it was an honest mistake and that all was well.  i then asked if he needed to talk to the store manager and he said 'No', then placed his incredibly large hand on mine and said, "We just like to make sure our business customers are safe."

(Erm...Mr Officer?  With that hand on mine, i feel completely safe!)

All time stood still...i looked at his hand...i looked at him...i felt myself blush and then i said in a very little girl voice, "actually Officer, Sir, it was i who did it."

And he laughed!

He then wished me a good night and vanished into the throng of people.

i certainly wish there had been a trap door under that counter!

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