Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hellloooo 2008

So this is 2008!  Wow, what a blustery start to the year.  Isn't it in like a lion out like a lamb?  oh, wait, that's only for March.  So what if the year starts like a lion - what does that mean?  Does that mean that the year is going to be wild?  Or is it just January and cold and blustery the way January should be?  So many little time.

Many people make resolutions for the new year.  i don't do that becuase i am notorious for breaking those resolutions by midnight on Jan 1.  Yikes! an attempt to mature a bit, yet get some needy things done and make improvements i am going to make a To-Do list.  (have i ever told you how much i love, love, love lists???  well grab a cup of java and let's have a chat!)

i've not quite complied it - the to-do list that is, not the java -that was consumed hours ago and i've moved on to tea (four beakers full) and soon to go to water...or whisky - depends on the commute home! HA!

oh where was i?  yes, yes, the list....the LIST  (insert angels singing!) the list...well i hope to complete that by tomorrow and post it for your wondering (and wandering) eyes and minds.  Mostly i want to continue to read literature that is good and well-written, continue to mature gracefully, work on the inner woman (that WILL take an entire year) and improve my eating/health.  i am not setting weight goals nor goals of anykind- but a to-do list will keep me on my toes and accountable for the year. 

Isn't it all fun?  i do love the beginning of the year- somehow things feel fresh and new and i truly wish all a very Happy, Healthy, Safe and Loving 2008.


now...i must go write my list!  YAYYYYYYY!!!

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