Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Got the Winter Blues

Today is an 'off' day for me - i'm not quite sure why.  Perhaps the position of the moon, or the stars or that my stockings are twisted or maybe even that i'm low on chocolate.  It probably has nothing to do with the endless cold, the wind, the long commute and dark days without snow.  No, i'm sure that has nothing to do with it at all.  i mean, common, snow already!  So today is blah.  i dreaded the long ride here to work and now that i'm here, i don't want to drive all the way back home.  So either i need a chauffeur or i need to just get over it?  Yeah, i'm rooting for the chauffeur too.

So...i bought a new bag.  Plum coloured.  Slightly larger than my normal bag but ya know what?  It's pretty.  Really pretty.  And that has helped.  i promise i'm not so shallow that a bag changed my mood, but when you place pretty things in your life, it does help take the edge off of rising gas prices, no real good Presidential candidate (be honest...none of them are stellar...neither party...), bleak days and long nights, rising costs of much and, oh, let's not forget the small leak in my roof.  Yes! i need pretty. 

Pretty reminds you that warmer and brighter days are ahead.  Pretty helps you widen the narrow grey approach to life and embrace warmth and colour.  Pretty also helps you to take a deep breath, hold on for dear life and declare that you WILL make it this winter.

It doesn't have to be a bag or shoes ( can be the sweet brown eyes of a child (what is it about brown eyed little boys that just grabs my heart?  At my second job - the retail one - last night - two brown eyed boys, so patient and good, looking up at me and i could've scooped them up and loved them forever.), the warm embrace of your husband or wife, holding hands with an aged one (my Pop-Pop is 90!), laughing, hot bubble baths, slowly paging through Vogue, spending time in prayer, singing, looking at pictures, a name just a few.  Or if you're a guy -maybe a good game on TV or a book or even watching Godfather movies will do it for you (though i daresay that Men are so less "high-maintenance" in this area...)

Surround yourself with pretty today.  Go has helped me (and believe me, i was in a F O U L mood today).


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