Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What a way to start the day...

On my way to work every morning , i take a back road or three to save some time.  The road winds through some farm land and also along a rather large creek, a horse pasture, a sheep farm and some neighborhoods.  It's a rather lovely drive. 

This morning, as i rounded one of the corners near the horse pasture and creek, i gasped in sheer bliss.  During our very cold night (of about 6F), the brush, trees and tall grasses along the creek were covered in deep white frost - which gave it a decidedly pure and lovely look.  As the sun was just coming up over the hill, the rays of that glorious ball of light played off of the frost and glistened as diamonds on each branch or blade.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  If i would have had some extra time, i would have stopped and just gazed for a while.  No matter how i looked, the 'diamonds' sparkled and twinkled quite brilliantly.  Absolutely gorgeous.

A very good way to begin the work day.

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