Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Just another manic Wednesday

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, i actually have been busy at work thus far!  My lands, but i might fall over in a heap!  W-H-H!!!

And i have an extremely attractive hive on my neck - grrr (which itches to no end)

And i declare that it's a rather nice and glorious day outside -brisk enough to make you walk very quickly and make your skin tingle but not so bitterly cold that one has to dash in an unsightly manner from place to place.(i say that but i have to get gas for the car after work and i'm sure to be frozen (or at least complaining that i am) when finished.)

And here's hoping for a good choir practice tonight.

And there's the tease of more snow on Thursday - which would be a welcomed thing.

And our neighborhood Christmas party is set for Sat. night (i'm not prepared one bit and am sure to be frantically running around on Fiday and all day Saturday in preparation as it's a big to-do and my house is the last one visited - as i have the piano...for caroling...)

And...well that about covers this crazy, wonderful Wednesday.


triplexbuffalo said...

I'm home sick today.  Blah.

Saturday sounds like fun!  :)

emmasirish said...

Oh yuck!  i hope you feel better!
And by the time everyone gets to my house (around 1am or so) they are so..umm..well..."happy" that they honestly don't know if i have a piano or not and it's rather amusing to say the least!