Monday, December 5, 2005

Sunday Afternoon Critique

Sunday's performance went much better.  Everyone seemed more relaxed and then were able to enjoy themselves as well as do a good job.  Even the orchestra did a better job.  It was great fun and frankly, i'lll miss the vocal work-out that i got every week.  Such an undertaking provides a sharpening of skills once learned and reminds me of my love of music, that it is in my blood and that it must always be a part of my life.

i loved watching the face of our director.  He is very animated, in a good way...offering encouraging smiles when all goes well, or an understanding look if someone didn't do quite as they ought.  And when he was moved by the power of it all, his face showed it - which made us sing even better.

T'was a good weekend.  A very good weekend.


triplexbuffalo said...

I'm glad everything went well.  I wish I could have seen/heard it!

emmasirish said...

Thank you Trip!  It was a blast - and over all too soon.  Hugs