Friday, December 2, 2005

All Things Girlie

i was talking with some of my co-workers the other day and we realized that in the last 10 weeks we've all been to the same home parties.  First we went to a Party Lite party (candles), the a Beadalicious (a friend's new jewlerly business), two Tupperware parties, another jewerly party and just today got an invite for a Mary Kay party!  AND somewhere in there was a Pampered Chef party but none of us can remember when.  Now i think we need to have a lingerie party and a book party...or just all go to Barnes N Noble - though i'm more inclined to enjoy the quaint used book stores rather then the big chain.  However, all that being said - we all are just lil party goers and it's quite fun, truth be told.  Most times you don't have to spend much if any money and it's just nice to see products and have a good time with the girls.  The Mary Kay one ought to be a hoot - all the girls invited are 'girlie girls' and will "ooooohhh" and "ahhhhhhh" over each product and will be a grand time, i'm sure.

And when i think of men going to such parties, i LOL...seriously out loud.  Imagine. 

i do love being female....

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