Sunday, December 2, 2007


Surgery for my Uncle and Brother went very well - both are recovering quite well...for this i am thankful.

Thanksgiving was, as usual, the best of days- a time with family and good food and much laughter and just being together - i do love Thanksgiving.  So much to be Thankful for - so very much.

This past Saturday a friend of mine - only 31 yrs old - passed away due to complications of heart and liver problems.   Due to a condition when she was born, surgery at five years old, and then problems with the liver not handling the heart meds she was on her entire life, cut this beautfiul one's life short by human standards.  We are all grieving....and yet, am thankful for the years she was given.

In all things, give Thanks.

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coreyamaro said...

I am glad the surgeries went well for you brother and uncle. Isn't that good news indeed!

I am sorry about your friend, such emotion you have experienced this week. Life and death, love and thanksgiving.

I am thinking of you and those you care for.