Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mini-Vacation, Cookies, Rambling on and on

~A good thing about working in Higher Education is that the college is closed during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.  CLOSED!  Whoot!  that means, dear readers, that emmasirish gets some time off and almost feels as if she can make it!

~Another good thing is getting one's nails done.  How is it that to spend a few minutes in a chair - giving your hands to another - and watching nails transform into perfectly done beauty can be oh so lovely?  Normally sporting a french manicure (and short - because of typing and piano playing) i went all out and got a lovely shade of dark red.  It is quite delightful and made me feel very girly.  Love it

~AND why are are Christmas cookies just so good?  i make cookies all throughout the year - because i like to bake - but during this time of the year the cookies are so good and you cannot just eat one.  Sadly, it'll take a month to work off all the cookies calories! grrrr

~Last night at work, i was reminded that most of what we think is important really isn't.  i was frantically trying to apease a customer who thought we didn't have all of her items when she said, "Ya know what?  This is not going to stress me out.  I deal with AIDS patients all day and have to watch people die and this?  This stuff is not that important and if you can't find it, we'll just cancel the order and start over."  And you know what?  that almost was as if she gave me permission to relax and just realize that LIFE is so precious - so much more than stuff.  i get in such a tizzy because i am a people pleaser and i try to do things well - not for my own benefit but rather so that they will feel taken care of...and she, my customer, put it all into perspective for me again.  i still did my best and will still get a little frantic but really, it's not LIFE.  Good lesson learned.

~And lastly...i have nothing to wear for Sunday (choir giving concert) or Christmas Eve. i think that calls for a quick shopping trip - don't you?  Not going to stress about it but rather make it a celebration shopping trip!



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