Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Too close for comfort

In my sleep deprived state of being this morning and with alot on my mind, i headed off to work.  Before i merged onto the highway i had already made four driving mistakes that were stupid and prayed for the ability to drive carefully and arrive at work.

It wasn't until i 'woke up' in the path of the oncoming truck that i was fully awake.  i swerved and he slowed and all was well- no one injured. No harm done.

i hope tonight's commute will be less exciting and that i don't fall asleep...again.

i really hate my commute and wish that we had better public transportation - cause if i were able to ride on a train it wouldn't matter if i got sleepy.

Careful as you go so that you, as well as i, are able to celebrate this holiday season.



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