Thursday, November 15, 2007

Second surgery on my mind

Next week, my brother will be having surgery.  i wish everyone could know my brother...well all of them (i have four) actually...but i'm focusing on Bryan tonight.  Bryan is 15 years old and is built like a linebacker. He is strong and funny and knows sports inside and out.  Bryan's dream is to play football and has a pretty accurate throwing arm but he would love to be a running back.  That will probably never happen this side of Heaven because he has CP.  A horrid happens-at-birth disability that makes his muscles be in a constant state of tension...causing pain and a walk that is difficult. 

i could go on and on about what a trooper he is and how he's a great kid (all true) but that's not my point.  He'll be having surgery next week to insert a hockey puck like device that will deliver medication directly to his spinal cord that will, if all goes well (please God!) help his pain level and also relax his muscles so that he can stand straighter and walk with a bit more ease.

He is nervous.  This is not his first CP related surgery.  It will not be his last.   Working with the spinal cord can always bring about complications but we are hoping for the very best.

i truly wish all could meet him.  He's an amazing kid.

If you think of him next week, would you mind saying a little prayer?

Thank you.

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