Saturday, June 9, 2007

What is Happiness?

Happiness is sitting at the breakfast table with my entire family, all talking at once and laughing and short sentences of "Please pass the Scrapple"  and ""BACON!" and "Who wants pancakes" and "Here's more orange juice" (it was really grape...and that alone produced gales of laughter), and funny stories and sweet fellowship.

Happiness is lying under a tree in the front yard with my 9 month old neice and 17 yr old sister and just enjoying the summer morning.  The baby saying 'Da-Da-Da' and the stories shared with my sister about when SHE was a baby..

Happieness is sitting on a bench under the Wheeping Willow Tree and being told by my 3 yr old neice that she was the Mom and i was the Dad and that a badmitten birdie was the remote control and that we were going to watch "Gilmore Girls" on the pretend TV high in the tree.

Happiness is seeing my sister and sister in law doing dishes and knowing that i didn't have to (HA!)

Happiness is the chaos and confusion, the love and laughter, the joy and hugs and sweet 3 yr old kisses and the golden curls bouncing as she runs outside (she's from Florida and cannot go barefooted outside..when she's at Grandma's here in Pennsylvania, she hardly ever has shoes on!), and baby slobber and a soft head tucked under my chin and little boys laughing and playing ball and the men each on their own laptops while sitting in the same room and X-box tournaments and Parcheesi and puzzles and TONS of food.

i'm all filled up with happiness, and it's only the first day they've been here.


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