Friday, June 8, 2007


Some of my female co-workers and i just enjoyed 45 min of tea.

We all commented that we should 'do this more often' as it brings us all out of our offices and away from our computers and allows us to connect as women around delicious sweets and a steaming cup of tea.

What is it about having tea that de-stresses one?  i've read somewhere that the simple act or routine of making the tea is what does it, and the hot liquid soothing the stress out of one's throat, not to mention the cookies or tea cakes or scones that delight one's pallette and stomach alike.

Perhaps it's that, in fact, i would embrace that it is, but i also think that there is in us all - even in the craziness of a career and family and other responsibilties - the desire to have the freedom to stop and enjoy tea with other women in the middle of the morning.

Many women, if not all, enjoy things of beauty.  Most of us are too busy to stop and delight in the simple beauties of our life.  But the delicate clatter of a china tea cup against it's saucer, the feel of pressed linen napkins against our skin combined with the delightful tastes and smells of the food and tea calls us to something greater. Something more feminine, softer.  Calls us to laughter and shared stories; celebrations and times of bonding together; calls us to stop trying to rule the world for just a moment and breathe.


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