Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Lesson in Love

my sister in law, i was told before i saw her yesterday, has pink hair.    It's really just one pink stripe and then pink fringes on the back.  She has blond hair and the pink really stands out, nicely.

What would make a grown woman, who isn't into any rocker scene, who isn't a teen trying to express 'herself' do such a thing?  i mean she's a respected woman in the community, is known is many church circles, leads youth with my brother, is involved in plays and musical, has given birth to the two cutest girls in the whole wide world, sells Arbonne, is gorgeous  why?????

Well, it's rather simple.  Everytime she goes to get her hair done (coloured, cut, etc) her daughter, the darling three-year old, says "What colour are you going to get your hair done, Mom?" and my sister in law says always.  "What colour do you think i should get my hair, E?" and the darling three year old says "Pink!"

So this time, because she is the coolest Mom in the whole wide world and loves her family and is even willing to do something crazy, just for fun with her three year old she now is sporting a bit of pink hair.

Sometimes love comes in all colours


Even pink!

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