Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

Have you ever had online friends, perhaps some whom you've never met in real time, disappear and you wonder where they went, or if they are ok, or why they just 'left'?

i have a few like that - perhaps that's the ebb and flow of online - but still they have left an impression on my life and they are missed.

So to just a few of them i say,

Trip:  girl, i miss you like mad.  i think you and i were both duped by the famous Irishman or part of his twisted mind, but you are one person who made me laugh out loud for real. i hope everything is ok with you and that your life, whether here or in Tunis is exactly what you want it to be.

John Thankfully i printed out some of our past (three years ago?) IMs - so i have your 'voice' still to see from time to time.  i hope you are ok..truly.  i miss you.  Sometimes i think about the $5 exchange and if i would've actually be able to go through with it.  i think so.  i know what it would've meant and i think ..well, enough said!

Mark:  Did you sail off into the wild blue yonder?  i think hope all is well.  Stairs?  Lunch break?  i miss you...really really miss you.  i hope, though, that wherever you are and whatever you set your hand to do, that it brings you great joy and happiness and fulfillment.  You will never be forgotten.

Blackwolf:  we never did get to dance.  Those were the days, no?  Always asking.  You always saying 'no' - it was expected - everyone knew it - and it was fun.  i hope you are safe and happy and well.

Margie:  Girl, i have NO idea where you went...but i hope you are surrounded by good things, that you are happy in what you're doing, that you have love and life and lots and lots of pastry around you.  i STILL comment on those pretty marzipan fruits and such that you sent (and i ate every single one of them...oh wait, no i didn't ..i DID share..reluctantly!)  i miss the laughter and the fun and hearing about your boytoys. 

There are others - some have passed away andtheir death saddened us all.  Some have chosen to 'leave' aol and their presence is missed.  Some just have moved on, forming new friendships and enriching their lives in other ways.  All are thought of fondly.  All have left their mark on my heart. 

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