Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shoe Fetish

i had a very busy day today - up early and out doing errands and such.  One of my stops was at the laundry mat, where i had to do some bulky items, you know the kind that doesn't fit in the normal washer.  Because it was raining, i wore my lovely black knee-high 4" heeled boots. my skirt went to just above my knees, so there was a bit of stocking clad leg visible. 

As i was in the laundry mat, a little boy, about 2 yrs of age, kept coming over to me and staring at my boots, then he would reach out and touch my knee and then run away.  He was adorable!  Everytime he ran away, he giggled.  And i was thinking, 'uh oh...he's starting early!"  He must have done that five times before he and his mom/dad and baby sister left. 

Well, whether he ends up having a shoe fetish or not, i certainly hope he never loses his sense of wonder and i also hope that when he is grown, some woman will wear such shoes for him.

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