Saturday, January 21, 2006

Let's talk about shoes...

i am currently wearing a nice comfortable pair of Nikes...just got back from a delicious power walk.  However, most of the time, i'm in high heels.  4" or higher.  And they are comfortable.  And they look good.  And they make me feel pretty and sexy.  i love wearing heels.

i ran into a friend yesterday who had on a pair of VERY cute shoes - but only about 1" heel and she was complaining that her feet were killing her.  Huh?  One inch heels and they hurt?  Well i guess everyone has their limit, right? 

And it got me thinking about shoes..and women..and shoes...and how sometimes what we like, we think everyone should like.  i personally think most/all women should wear more skirts and dresses and heels.  i mean we have curves for a reason.  Shouldn't hide them behind big ole' baggy jeans or sweat shirts...let your clothes and shoes work for you. 

But for certain, wear those heels, baby!

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