Sunday, January 1, 2006

A New Year

So this is 2006.  i wonder what this year will hold for me.  i wonder where i'll be at the end of it.  i wonder if it will be a good year or one i'd rather forget. i wonder.  The past year was a good one...there were bumps...there were problems...there were certainly national and international things that were dreadful...there were good times...there were plenty of good times....many times to laugh...many times to smile...many times to love.

So i hope for good things, new things, exciting things for this new year. i set three goals for myself this year..only three.  Two are long-term goals and one is a short-term goal.  i'm excited to get started on them.

But first, more coffee....and a bubble bath!


triplexbuffalo said...

You aren't going to tell us what they are????

Happy New Year!

emmasirish said...

i might...but not just yet....::grin::