Monday, January 10, 2011

Sheesh, are you kidding me?


i have been thinking that i have been doing really well in my attitude and in my mind set and intentions during this entire lay off period and with the money struggles. i wasn't trying to be proud or high on myself but rather, just pleased with the forward progress i have been making.

Until Sunday.

i enter into church. Happily. Glad to be there. Happy to sing and ready for the sermon. i like the subject. i enjoy the Pastor. Everything is grand. It is a good, good week. Yay God. Yay me.

um....and then i realize HOW FAR i have to go. Good grief. Not that i then became depressed or sad or what have, it was no guilt trip or feeling bad about myself, but rather a challenge to be a better woman, a more devoted follower of Christ, a woman of intense integrity and honor and love.

So...let the work begin.

Also? Note to self: do not think of yourself to highly.....just saying.

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