Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today she wears pink, SWEET written on her top, brown eyes bright and sunny whilst we read book after book. Small lil pig tails bounce as she decides to climb on the chairs that were a present for me when i was two yrs old. Perfect size for little arms and legs, learning how to get up on a chair, sitting at a table that is yours alone.

Today, she decides to spread a blanket on the floor and give one to her mother and they pretend to sleep on beds, and then to follow me downstairs whilst i do a few chores, alway curious. She likes to see how things go together, she watches closely, her pigtails tickling my face as she leans in close to get a better look. Of course, then i cannot see but i breathe her in, deeply and laugh out loud at her cuteness. Even in this, she is learning.

Every week, when she comes to us, i see differences. She is taller, a bit thinner, walks better, talks more...growing.

There are temper tantrums and acting out towards her mother and we are aware of this and work through them, hearts breaking that for now, her little world is kind of topsy turvy. We try to provide the same routine, safety, comfort, stability and lots of laughing, singing and reading...oh yes, do not forget about the reading.

Soon she will be 18 months old. She is a delight. She is a marvelous creature. She is gonna be a handful when she is a teen, but for now....for now, i remind myself to take the days slowly, at her pace, and treasure every pig-tail-bouncing-tickling-my-face moment.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I love that age too! Tantrums and all.