Friday, December 17, 2010

i am gonna complain

Ready? we go.

The Weather:
i do not mind cold. i love snow. i do not mind a few murky, cloudy days. i love sunshine. However, these endless days of murky skies, cold, wind with NO is kind of getting to me and it is only December. Common Winter...let's get it right and do not make me hate you. Let's try a sunny day, mid 30's and some snow at night. That would be a blast!

i hate money and the need for it. Cuz when you are low/don't have any, it can make one grumpy/depressed/mad and that is not fun. Just saying.

i LOVE Christmas but i cannot, cannot, cannot stand the commercialism and the NEED to buy things you do not need. Clothing, chocolate, iced tea, bread...there we have it. Basic needs of life :grin: For the wee lass, my sister does not want cheap plastic things ...but rather educational, or little people rom Fisher Price (cuz every kid needs those at least once!), clothing, shoes (she LOVES shoes...YAY!) and that is about it. We have tons of books and she spends a lot of time just sitting and reading through them. It is so much fun to see. But those who pressure my sister to get the latest things...ugh.

And that is it, really. Guess that is not too bad for a murky, cold, windy day where i cannot find chocoalte anywhere in the house! LOL

Happy Day of Complaints

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Gasp! No chocolate! That is worth complaining about. You need to remedy that fast!