Monday, December 6, 2010

A Bit Ragged

It is officially Monday morning, i have yet to go to bed. Just taking some quiet time to sit in the glow of my Christmas lights and reflect on this past weekend.

i feel rough. my emotions are right at the surface. It has not been an easy weekend.

A woman i have known for 20 plus years may not make it through this night. About a week ago she was diagnosed with cancer. Now....she is almost gone. Things like this draws one up short to make me stop and reflect....if i had that same prognosis, what would my reaction be? How would i be remembered? A bit morbid, perhaps, but thoughts like these encourage me to not become stagnant in my life but ever moving, ever changing, ever growing and maturing. It also reminds me to not take anything for granted. Sobering.

my sister is going through a rough patch as well and her method of coping is to lash out. That makes things particulary difficult when we are the only two living in this house. i am finding it harder and harder to just ignore this infantile behavior.....yet...yet, i need to put myself in her shoes from time to time and act with compassion. (i am afraid my compassion is gonna leave a foot print in her behind!)

So this quiet time of reflection, kind of like hitting the restart button....drop back and punt.....quiet myself and get ready for the week to come.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Sorry to hear the sad news about your friend, but your comment about leaving your footprint in your sisters butt gave me a giggle.