Friday, August 13, 2010

Reason #87652 There Should be a Man in my Life

i own a very cute row home in the not at all famous city in which i live. It is truly cute and has amazing molding and high ceilings and tons of windows for a house in a city. It has the original scroll work on the front porch as well but when the guys who were flipping my house were redoing it, they decided to put indoor/outdoor carpeting on the front porch.

...of my very Victorian cute home.

But not knowing what was under said porch, i allowed the carpet to stay and dutifully vacuumed it every week. What a pain.

Last weekend i decided enough was enough and tore the whole thing off and was rather pleased with the wood underneath. About half of the porch is new wood and the other half the old but it is in decent shape.

On Wednesday i put the first coat on the floor, Monday and Tuesday were for touchups and some other repairs to the wood. i was going to do the 2nd coat on Thursday....however it has rained both Thursday (yesterday) and today. blech

i guess I could be more observant but i would like to think that if a MAN were involved in the intimate details of my life, he would tell me (after checking the weather like a normal human being) that i should do the first coat on Tuesday and 2nd on Wednesday. He couldve said something like:

"Yo Babe" (cuz i would totally expect to be called Babe on a regular basis), "its gonna rain later in the week so....."

And he would have ended up being my Hero.

That's all i am really looking for. A Hero who can give me good advise and take out the garbage. See how easy i am?

Erm...wait...maybe not easy...oh my age who gives a rip...its skin to the wind and call me easy!


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Have you been sniffing those paint fumes;-) Men, a whole lotta trouble for what little you want him for!

emma said...

yeah but i would suffer the trouble just to have someone else take out the stupid trash. i LOATHE that job.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

lol. I don't mind taking it out, I just hate rinsing out the maggots from the can afterwards.

Okay, they do have their uses;-)

Kurt said...

Emma, have a chute installed in the wall of the kitchen where you can put garbage, which will fall into the garbage cans outside, then you don't need a man.

emma said...

Kurt, while that is a good suggestion...taking out the garbage is not the ONLY reason for a man...i mean they do have other uses...and we all know that Momma got needs! WHOOT!