Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let me off this crazy ride!

This summer has not gone at all like i had hoped or planned. More drama and stress then when i was working! What is up with that?

The whole sickness thing took me a while to totally recover so that was fun. Then the antibiotics caused my skin to itch (at the last dosages) so much that i thought i was going to lose my mind. Oh the joy.

Then my sister, who lives with me, had big problems with her daughters father and had to take him to court (in fact heading there again tomorrow) which upped the stress for both of us. Shared custody is the worst and i would advise any parent who struggles with an abusive other parent to NOT GO THERE. Fight for full and see where it goes. Shared is bonk. Nuff said.

And the whole money stress makes me want to start living in my car and just move from place to place...except i have a honda civic and would have cabin fever in 2 days! LOL

Summer of sweat and stress. Bah.

oh is like this sometimes, isnt it? And we really must do our level best to make it through and enjoy the good bits.

Like when said niece puts her arms around my neck and her little head against mine....

Pure bliss.

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