Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions, anyone?

Long ago i gave up the notion that making New Year's Resolutions was a good idea. Mostly becuase by February, i was unable to even remember half of them or see the reason why i should follow through. So i don't do them anymore.

However, this year, i have a few projects in mind..things that i really want to accomplish.

Most of these projects revolve around my home and they are:

1. Repaint living room and get new lighting fixtures
2. Repaint foyer
3. Repaint front door
4. Repaint kitchen and get new flooring
5. Totally redo dining room, new light fixture and new window treatments
6. Remodel bathroom
7. Work on making basement less damp and scary.

And that, my friends should take me well into this new year. The biggest project, of course is the bathroom - although mine is tiny...and i truly mean tiny. i'm not getting new bathtub/sink/toilet, but the fixtures need to be changed as do the walls and the window needs some help. It should'nt be too costly but i've never done a bathroom before so.....

oh and there's a leak somewhere on my bathtub - i believe it's in the shower pull up thing-y.

So if you can't find me - look somewhere either in Lowe's or Home Depot in the paint section, or find me on a ladder in my 1st floor.

Happy New Year to me!!!!


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Happy New Year and at least take the first day off before you start;-)

tony said...

My Resolution is to get you to come fix my too!

Kurt said...

I don't do resolutions. I have a list all year round.