Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Never know how blessed you are....

....until you read/hear about Haiti's earthquake and how utterly devastating it was and continues to be. i know that country is a 'mess' to begin with but this just adds so much to it - horrible actually.

And out of this rubble comes support from all over the world. This country sending rescue dogs, that country sending canned goods and medicine, another one sending nurses, and yet another sending teams of engineers and trying to repair phone lines. And it kinda warms your heart - because though there is ALOT of evil in this world and even in this tragedy there will be many who will profit or pilfer or do more harm-evil is like that-there is also a vast amount of good. Many people who are praying, imploring Heaven to be merciful to those folks, to help them find survivors and to comfort those who's lives have just be torn apart. There are vast amounts of people who will give donations, even in these times of recession, there are those who will take vacation early, or a leave of absence and provide medical care or engineering help or will make soup for hours on end, or pass out bottles of clean water...

And it makes me realize, yet again, that i am a blessed woman in so many ways. i don't live a perfect, trouble-free life, but i am blessed..

...and incredibly thankful!

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