Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please Use Your Words

Ok...pet peeve time.

i hate when people say "Have a good one..." What is that supposed to mean? Have a good what? A good car crash? A good heart attack? A good day? A good meal? A good time filling up your car with gas? i mean, seriously, what are they trying to say? Am i to believe that it's easier to say "Have a good one" rather than "Have a good day'??? Same amount of words and energy used to say those words..so ....

i just don't understand it.

The other thing i hate is when people say "yuh-huh" or "nuh-uh" Hate it. My little brother does that all the time and i could seriously put him in a sleeper hold when he does. Drives me nuts. i'm always telling him to 'Use Words'...don't just grunt at me...use words that have meaning. Use words to tell me you disagree or agree...not just sounds that make you appear to be a baby walrus. Words.

ok...rant over. Just be forwarned....should you say 'Have a good one..." or grunt at me instead of using words, my head just might explode all over the place.

Just saying...

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