Thursday, December 3, 2009

All in a day's work

So much has happened in the last month or so that i've felt like i've been stuck in a whirlwind. And all leading up to the Christmas season which i love.

What i've been doing:

1. Helped a family member escape an abusive and unhealthy situation.

2. Had swine flu: The intestinal version. Oh joy. The good part is that i lived to tell the story. The bad part is that i thought i was going home to Jesus at one point.

3. Work has been so busy - not only because of being gone for two weeks but because of the nature of the job

4. Undecorated for Fall/Thanksgiving

5. Decorating for Christmas

6. Watching my beloved Eagles fall apart and play like blech

7. Mourning everytime i see Brian Dawkins in an orange jersey. Double blech

8. This list is not in chronological order..

9. Living life

10. NOT doing a project that i really need to do. my planning, i've been slowly changing the way i eat to include more whole and slow food and less fast and furious foods...meaning, i'm doing more natural food choices. However, with the onset of that horrible flu - it's amazing how fast i switched over to this new way of eating. Amazing how my mind set has changed....

This past summer i made about 9 varieties of jam. All the fruits were hand picked by me (and my little brother - who is small and can climb behind the blueberry bushes..he's a champion fruit picker!) and typically became jam no more than 24 hours after leaving the vine/bush/plant/tree. Talk about amazing taste. In most cases, i picked the fruit and it was jam in about 2 hours. The only thing i wish i could've done differently is that the bushes/plants/trees/vines were my own....that part is still in the dream stage.

i've also made inquires about eating more local produce and meat. i am blessed to live in a part of Pennsylvania that is extremely agricultural, both my county and the one just southwest of me. This makes for very good choices that sometimes can be purchased on the farms themselves. The taste difference is something i'm not willing to give up any time soon. There are a number of co-ops around here as well as locally butchered meats (one of the local grocery stores smokes their own meats that are purchased from local farms....they do the smoking right on the grocery store premises). Again, taste, quality and knowing what the animals are being fed make it easy to make choices that are better for me.

Never a dull moment ..that's for sure!

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Kurt said...

I can't believe the amount of stuff that's available from small farms in this region. Makes eating well easy.