Monday, February 2, 2009

Wanted: A Garden to Rent

We all know that times are tough - pretty much for everyone. Even those who aren't feeling the pinch are buckling down to prepare in case things get worse. Thus far, i've been ok, but am trying to do whatever i can to lower expenses.

This Spring/Summer i am going to try to rent a garden. i love to garden but my small city backyard, while great for flowers and herbs, isn't really the place for a full blown garden. i've put out a few 'feelers' to see if i can rent one out of the city but kind of close. i would imagine that if someone has a bit of land and doesn't mind a stranger gardening on it, it would be a decent idea to raise a bit of money.

The idea is to be able to raise my own stuff so that i can freeze and can it- thus saving money in the long run. i already have the seeds for most of the veggies i want and only have to get corn, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. Not a difficult endeavor. i'm also buying only heirloom seeds because the genetically modified hybrid stuff is just scary.'s to finding a plot of ground, or an unused garden that won't cost me an arm and leg but will provide for the winter.

Can't wait to get started!!!

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