Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The right shade

i am a very white person. The Irish-German genes, passed to my from my beautiful parents, somehow made my skin very pale, pinkish undertones with freckles. Finding the right make up is a nightmare. If it's too light, i look like a ghost, but if it has any yellow in it, i look like i'm ill.

So i tried Bare Minerals and i do love the system...the only problem is that i picked up (accidentally) the wrong shade of foundation and now look like i have jaundice. i need fair...porclalin...really pale...pink undertones, no yellow in sight.

Jaundice looking aside...or maybe scurvy...[i do wonder how i'd look with scurvy] - i really like the system of layering a powder on your face instead a cream that takes a crow bar and three swarthy men to pry off your face at the end of the day.

{side note: if there were three swarthy men in my house at the end of the day, taking off my makeup would be the LAST thing on my mind! Just saying.}

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