Monday, February 9, 2009

Did it!

Number 70 was computer for the entire weekend (though i was tempted to touch it last night!)

Instead, i cleaned the house, finally took down all my Christmas decorations-including my real tree that hardly shed any needles and still smells quite fresh-and put them away, went to the bookstore and spent a load of money and time there but emerged with some wonderful books, read, took a nap, spent some time outdoors in the sun talking with neighbors and generally having a lovely go of it. It was a very nice, even if very quiet, weekend.

In reading, i finished The Associate and The Gatecrasher and started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle as well as Lost Women of the Bible and a biography of Mother Theresa. So my reading has really been kicked up a notch and i'm loving it.

More on the books later.

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