Monday, July 6, 2009

It was the summer of discontentment

To celebrate Independence Day, i had some extra time off from my job. i spent almost the entire weekend outside, much of it surrounded by gardens, water, and making jam and canning cherries. It was dirty, hot work but at one point in the weekend i realized that i was terribly happy.

And here it is Monday, and i'm back at my job - sitting at my desk, fought the traffic to get here...all freezing cold because the A/C is set so low and i realize, once again, that i so don't like this job. Don't get me wrong - i love the place i work - i love what they do - i love the vision of it..the mission, but i'm unhappy in being inside 8+ hours a day, stuck behind a desk doing things where i have no real talent.

But it pays the bills
But i feel like i'm wasting my life


Kurt said...

"doing things where i have no real talent" - that's the main thing. Everyone wants to be doing something they're good at.

emma said...

i'm good at it - or at least mostly good at it - but it's not where my heart is.