Monday, July 20, 2009

Go get him, already.

i've been refusing to get in touch with the news lately - mostly because i realize that almost everything i hear/read makes me incredibly angry.

So it's been nice for my blood pressure and attitude to stay away.

Until this morning....

...when i read/saw a bit about the GI whom the Taliban captured and is using as a pawn.

Angry isn't quite the word i'd use. Furious? Maybe. Is there something beyond furious?

i know without a shadow of a doubt that most, if not all, military personnel know and worry and might even have a plan for this man. my impatience comes that i want him rescued already...and to make the Taliban know that YOU DON'T CAPTURE AMERICANS WITHOUT RETALIATION. (see? there's the furious+1 showing it's head again). i'm going to take a deep breath, pray for all involved and be more thankful than ever for our military.

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