Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good grief

Today my youngest sister graduates from high school.

i think i'm going to be sick.

It is not possible that she is old enough to go to college in the Fall. Someone must have the wrong records!

ps. i'm listening to the Andrews Sisters station on
Just heard:

Sugar in the morning
Sugar in the evening
Sugar at suppertime
Be my little sugar and love this heart of mine.

And then it goes on...but i realized that i knew the entire song by heart and was singing along (yes, at work..i'm sure it was a treat for all).

How do i know that song? Am i that old? Maybe my Grandfather (lovingly called Pop-Pop) sing it to me? Who knows.


Must be the weather


Heather said...

Enjoy your sweet sister's graduation. :)

Kurt said...

My nephew graduated from high school.