Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Excuse me, but you've forgotten something...

Dear Mr. Blue Shirt in the WalMart Customer Service,

Just about an hour ago, i had the distinct privledge of seeing, first hand, your temper tantrum. It was a sight to behold. Your brown curls were bouncing all over the place as you demanded to be compensated for your time and effort after you forgot to pick up all of your bags from the check out. Clearly that wasn't your fault. i mean isn't that what they pay the cashier the big bucks to do? Pick up after grown men?

Why yes, yes it is.

You also were incredibly verbose as you 'dressed down' the cashier who had bagged your small items (no comment from me) as you had suggested and then, gasp, let you forget to pick up the small bag. What a nincompoop she was and i could tell that she really enjoyed and deserved you berating her. i bet you really felt like a man then. And you should've.

Oh..and by the way -have you heard the new radio commercials about becoming "That Man?"

Well, buddy...you have become "That Man" and quite frankly, you're a jerk.

Next time you go into the general public, you pompous ass, take your manners with you and don't at all berate, talk rudely or act the fool. You are presumably (by your body build and hairy forearms) a man. Act like one.

'Cause the next time i hear you talking stupid, i'm going to smack you with my purse.

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