Friday, May 29, 2009

Perfect age

Since i was a young teen, i always thought that 'older' men were the most handsome and the ones i tried to be around the most. For example, when i was about 14, i LOVED spending time with my 17 and 18 yr old girlfriends so that i could be around their boyfriends! HA! i wasn't the flirty kind of silly girl - i just liked being around them. i liked to watch how they moved, how they acted and they were usually so much smarter than i was that i was in awe.

When i hit about 17 yrs old, i realized that men don't actually become 'sexy' until they are about 45 yrs old. That age for me has held true to this day. Have you ever noticed it? By 45 yrs old, men are more at home in their own bodies, they usually love what they are doing in life, they have smile lines around their eyes and maybe have a bit of grey in their hair. They are weathered a bit...been around the block and have alot of the awkward corners that boys have are now knocked off. They are still goofy and still little-boy like sometimes, but just are more mature and

Boys that were cute when they were younger now, at 45, become so amazingly handsome that you just want to clock them over the head and drag them into your fireplace.


Disclaimer: This does not apply to any male in military dress blues. Then, no matter the age, they are just F.I.N.E!

Just saying...


Emily said...

Oh Laura.....45 is a good age because they're usually divorced by then. They married their first wife young and made a bunch of mistakes that they've learned from and won't make on you. I'll keep my eyes open!

emma said...

Em - good point...either way, they're still hot..erm i mean handsome!

Kurt said...

It's true. I've never been hotter!

tony said...

I just checked The Mirror!Your Right!