Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't want to live like this anymore

Currently, i work two jobs. One full-time job that is about 45 min commute each way and one, a part-time job that is about 5 min commute each way.

And ya know what? i'm tired of working so much. i have no time to myself, no time to just do things and enjoy life. It's crazy.

The thing is, the money from the part-time job really helps with fuel in the winter and if i were disciplined enough, i could save all summer and it would be easy street for fuel.

However, the flip side is that my life is passing before me and i'm not running's running me. i don't want to live like this. i want to embrace life, enjoying as many moments as possible. i want to take time to just sit and enjoy nature, to invest in me a bit more, to be with family and friends more, to try something new and unusual.

So i guess i have a few options

One option is to marry a rich Man (i like this option)
Another is to just be really frugal and still save for the winter months
A third is to run away from home
A fourth option is.........(feel free to give suggestions).

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Kurt said...

There's no way to get those fuel costs down, eh?

For me, frugality is much preferred to work, especially TWO jobs. There are lots of good resources for learning how to live cheaply.