Monday, August 6, 2007

Homeward Bound

It's hot.  And humid.  And hazy.  The three "H's" of summer.  This summer has reminded me of summers of my childhood and to say i've enjoyed it, is an understatement.  Even these days where sleep doesn't come easily because these city houses just heat up - like an oven.  The cay-dids (as we've always called them) are singing their pulsing chorus and the thunderstorms are always just on the horizon.

The weekend was incredibly stressful for me - as will be this week.  And leaving work tonight, i felt the tension in my shoulders and a general 'down' feeling. 

So...i decided to be nice to myself and took the long way home.  Off the interstate - not hurling along at 70 mph, but rather around 45mph.  Winding roads through Nolde Forest with all the windows open and one arm completely extended out of the window.  If you've never driven through a forest when the humidity is high, then you won't understand when i say that the drive was an olfactory schmorgasboard.  Pine, decaying leaves, ferns, late blooming flowers, the stream - all contributed to the delights that wafted in the windows.

i immediately thought of home - my childhood home and of long summers spent as a camp counselor in upstate New York.  Freedom.  Had i known then, what i know now about enjoying the summer, i wouldn't do anything differently,except hold on to the memories a bit longer.

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phyllisstyne2005 said...

Love the manner in which you express yourself. Englishman