Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowy days are here again...

Hey - this white stuff is pretty cool - ok, not that ice that happened all night long,but the snow. i loved it when i was a kid, love it still.  i love that it covers everything and give the outdoors a fresh, clean look.  i love that it muffles sounds and gives quietness and peace to a typically bustling city.  i love that it brings neighbors out in droves to all work together for a common goal of shoveled walks and unstuck cars.  i love driving in it, purposefully sliding (when safe to do so) or doing a doughnut in a parking lot.

i love the way it falls, silently but relentlessly. i love that when melted, it helps to nourish the earth, bringing moisture to a parched land. 

When i was a child, i was a crazed snow eater. i loved the coldness and sometimes the crunchiness of the ice. 

So today is a day off - meant to be in the house and outdoors with neighbors.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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