Sunday, February 18, 2007

Scenes from a Rosey House

Scene 1 (8.35am):

Sleepy woman emerges from cold bedroom.  Sees cat.  Sees dead mouse beside cat. Tries not to scream.  Praises cat for giving mamma a mouse.  Cat looks pleased.  Woman finds a way to pick up (without touching) dead mouse.  Woman puts mouse in plastic bag and discards in garbage can in the sub zero degree morning.  Cat still looks pleased.  Woman feeds cat.  Cat heads to the basement. Woman begins day.


Scene 2 (12.45pm):

Woman is on way to work.  Woman hears thumping noises from dining room.  Woman dreads the meaning of thumps. Woman sneaks into dining room and sees cornered mouse, still living.  Woman stands on chair.  Cat looks at woman.  Woman looks at cat.  Cat looks at mouse.  Mouse tries to escape.  Woman screams. Cat pounces.  Cat looks at woman.  Woman yells "YOU'RE the cat.  YOU kill it - that's your job...i'm not the cat."  Cat ignores woman.  Woman descides to leave.  Cat ignores woman.


Scene 3(10.00pm)

Woman comes home from work.  Woman gingerly walks through house, flicking on every light in every room.  Woman sees dead mouse on dining room floor.  Woman discards of mouse.  Woamn praises cat who is still in the basement.


Scene 4 (3.00am)

Woman is awakened to thumping noises from cat.  Woman says "OH NO!"  Woman waits for 10 minutes then goes downstairs to investigate noises.  Woman sees cat.  Cat looks at woman.  Woman sees living mouse and gets on a chair.  Woman tells the cat to get the mouse.  Woman praises cat.  Mouse runs. Woman stands on chair.  Cat pounces.  Woman discards of mouse.  Cat heads back down to the basement.


Scene 5 (3.31am)

Woman sits on bed.  Woman cannot sleep.  Woman blogs about mice.  Woman refuses to go to basement.  Woman wonders how many more mice.  Woman is wide awake and slightly grossed out.  Woman ponders animal life.  Woman likes all animals (except roaches and rats and snakes).  Woman would prefer if mice would take up residence in the great outdoors.  Mice belong outside.  Mice do not belong in woman's house. Woman is glad she has cat. 

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