Thursday, March 23, 2006

Time to Travel

i'm a bolter.  Yup sure am - when stress or conflict get too high or too much to bear - i bolt.  Guess what?  i'm about to do it.  i have this incredibly strong urge to just walk away from everything.  my job, my family, my friends, my house - all...just bolt.  Go somewhere new. Start fresh. 

Problem is - i could very well be bolting from myself.  Hmm..well then, moving somewhere else wouldn't help much, would it?  lol

So, maybe i'd better just face my demons, my fears and shortcomings and make the most of right? Right.

On another note:
Car was stolen and found.
Fridge quit and was replaced.
Choir issue - OH MY WORD!  enough said
Job: If i don't find something else soon, i'm going to start drinking and driving
Relationships: don't ask
Cats:  FUNNY as heck
Me:  gonna make it.

1 comment:

captainprankster said...

I think you've found your new job Emma...  Take up writing, you're a natural.