Friday, March 24, 2006

Odd things

On Sunday, as i  was cooking, i burnt my hand on the burner.  Right hand  - ring finger - on the back - bad hurt for quite some time but true to nature, i kept it under or close to cool water until the sting stopped and then let it alone so that nature could take it's course and heal.  All was going well until i recently reburnt it(don't ask) and now it is quite red and sore.

So i thought, in all my medical wisdom, that a little neosporin might help heal and would certainly relieve the discomfort (it's applied now - and yes, it feels better already!).

i went to the place where i keep all my first aid type things - and yes, i have a place for it - only to find that my neosporin wasn't there.  i rummaged through tubes of this and that until i found it - or so i thought.  In my haste to apply the ointment, i failed to see that the tube i had in my hand was....::blush::...vaginal itching cream.

One might wonder A) why on earth i have such cream (i dont know!) and 2) how such cream could possibly help a burn.

It doesn't.

Don't ask, just trust me on this.

Neosporin feels much, much better.


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