Monday, October 31, 2005

A Good Life

Today, i learned of the death of one of my choir members (i direct a choir..).  Gloria was given three months to live about four years ago.  Watching her endure hardships of cancer and the radiation burns, losing her hair and all that goes with it, was difficult - espeically since she is only a few years older than my own mother.  However, she refused to feel sorry for herself, nor give in to the cancer.  She fought a long hard road and left this world, headed for the loving arms of God...

If i could say one last thing to her it would be:  Your cheerful and willing spirit to sing even when you weren't feeling well was well noticed.  You have taught me how to face terrible things with grace and hope.  i have watched your life closely, especially these past four years and am glad to have known you - you taught me much.  i will miss you, dear friend.  You lived a good life, you fought a terrible disease well...thank you for all the kind things you said to me - all the encouragement.  How you publicly thanked me for being the choir director when i was feeling like i was in over my head (smile).  You pushed me to use my talents - "bugging" me for months to apply for the posistion and then sang with enthusiasm..saying how the music lifted your soul - and spirits when you were down.  Thank you, Gloria, for being a wonderful, beautiful woman....your children will rise up and call you blessed....and i softly say 'amen'...Goodbye dear Gloria.

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