Sunday, October 16, 2005

C'mon Girl, work it!

The other night i had the pleasure of attending a high school band competition.  At the intermission, all of the local highschool's senior band members were honored and pictures taken with their parents.  One girl's set of parents really stuck out in my mind. 

This girl had a mom, dad and step mom.  All three adults seemed to get along rather well as they chatted in line waiting for their daughter's name to be announced.  As they walked out onto the field to greet their daughter, i noticed what they were wearing.  Mom was wearing a cute black skirt and cream top, the best knee high boots and an adorable red coat.  Her hair and makeup were fabulous.  She wasn't a size 3 but she looked amazing.  Dad wore a pair of nice dress pants, shirt, tie and a jacket - he was well put together.  Step -mom...welll...she wore a pair of too baggy dress pants, flat shoes and a ill fitting jacket.  i turned to another woman and said, "Mom WAY outdressed Step-Mom, didn't she?" and we giggled a bit about  that but it made me think.  Made me wonder what the story was between the three.  They appeared like a Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Camilla type situation.  Made you wonder what Dad saw in the woman he was currently married to.  Not because she was an awful woman - it was apparent that the daughter loved all three and interacted with all three - but she didn't dress to impress. 

So common girls, work it!  Dress to impress, not only your SO but also to let others know - for there are ALWAYS others watching you - that you embrace good style, you embrace your soft feminine side, you embrace the amazing creature that is called woman.  No matter your shape or size, a well put together outfit, crease free fabrics, makeup and hair that are cared for say alot more than you can imagine. 

i'm sure Step-Mom is a wonderful lady.  i'm sure she's been a great second mother that that girl and that her husband loves her, but i wonder if she would've 'kicked it up a notch' what people in the stands would've said.  Probably something like "oohhh that man knows how to pick women!"  or wondered why Dad ever married Mom in the first place! 

So c'mon the fabulously dressed 'Mom' ....wear those skirts (watch how you sit in them - no creases in the back, please), don those high heeled boots, and spend a few minutes more on your face and hair and turn those heads.  Both Men and women will take notice...and i'll be applauding you all the way.

Work it!

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